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The Hard Reset wiki is an online encyclopedia about the Hard Reset video game. A PC exclusive title made by Flying Wild Hog.

All rights to Hard Reset belong to the glorious developers, Flying Wild Hog.

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Hard Reset is a PC exclusive FPS video game title developed by Flying Wild Hog. It takes place in a cyberpunk themed dystopian city where the player controls the main protagonist, Major Fletcher in the year 2436. The game is bringing back "old school" FPS features such as an overall more linear game design, non-regenerating health system based on the use of health packs scattered throughout missions, as well as tougher enemies that need to be taken down with more exotic weaponry such as plasma based weapons and lightining arc firearms. The game also makes use of numerous environmental hazards as potential options when combating the game's enemies known as the machines. Such known hazards include electrical terminals and the infamous exploding barrels. The game will be explosion heavy.

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